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I am a newbie but some of the messages that were sent about the NYC Conference
Accommodations are confusing to me. I don't know enough about genealogy but I do
live in New York and I do know business.

Robert Zavos stated "I was thinking all decent hotel in Manhattan were $300 or
more per night" Why was a $300 rate mentioned when the conference website clearly states that the special conference rate for the
Marriott Marquis is $208? That is confusing and misleading.

Yeah, I know that it is expensive but talking NY terms that is a great rate.
Normally that hotel would cost loads more. I once stayed in one of those cheaper
hotels near the Marriott and the room was so small that I walked around sideways.
So, I guess I will look for a roommate to split the expenses. I live in Queens but
if the lectures begin early in the morning and go to late at night, then I am not
schlepping back home with the subway and bus. That will be over an hour trip each
way and I want to network and get to meet people. After all it is my vacation and
every once in a while I can treat myself.

Selma's stated the following: "My suggestion to the movers and shakers of the NY
JGS -- move the conference (it's a year away) to any of the areas mentioned above,
and out of midtown Manhattan. As long as a hotel is convenient to transportation
for those who want to do NY research, theaters, museums etc., there's no reason to
be at that Marriott." She suggests Queens, Long, Island, New Jersey and

I really do not understand her suggestion.

Well, I live in Queens and I know of no hotel in Queens that can accommodate a
conference that size. I also know of no hotel in Queens that is only one subway
ride to any archive. You have to take a taxi or bus to the subway. Why should the
JGS of New York organize a conference in New Jersey? or Long Island? Perhaps you
should ask the Societies in New Jersey or Long Island to make the arrangements
then. Are there any hotels in Westchester and New Jersey that can accommodate a
conference that size? There are very few in NYC that can. Someone suggested the
Plaza Motor Inn in Secaucus. I just called them and they have 55 rooms in their
hotel. How are we going to get everyone into the Motor Inn for the conference?
It is 11 months away >from the conference and NY area hotels are booked for
conferences 2 and 3 years before hand. You can't just a cancel a contract without
having to pay penalties.

I am looking forwarding to having a good time at the 2006 conference in NY.

Tom Kennedy
College Point, NY

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