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Burt Hecht <burt1933@...>

I'm stymied in a search for a ship's manifest. Its passage was Glasgow to Canada ,
November, 1910. My uncle's card states that his ship disembarked on 28 November
at port St. John, New Brunswick. I went through an Ottawa interlibrary loan and
received the correct Microfilm Reel T-4822 and was at first excited to use the
viewer. Although these reels are not indexed I had found the ship and its arrival
date was November 23rd! Well close enough I thought. And I scrolled through the
250 passenger names but without finding my uncle's name. While the ship traveled
the St. Lawrence River during navigable months to Quebec port, the colder months
created ice that made the river less navigable -- hence the use of New Brunswick
and then the overland railway.

The ship "Athenia" was of the Albertson Line. I have recovered the manifest for
"Cassandra" which carried gm and the rest of the children [later voyage in 1912].
This was found in the boxes of Board of Trade archived in , Kew, London. I'm
thinking this might be best source, but it's a very difficult trip for me to make
to London.

Question: How to proceed now, since the Canadian Archives don't seem to hold the
microfilm that correspond to the dates of arrival. Any ideas would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you.

Burt Hecht

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