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Mark Halpern

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, an independent organization whose
website and database are hosted by JewishGen, has indexed all the
available Jewish vital records for Bialystok >from 1835 through 1903. If
you search the database (go to and click Search
database), you will find many index entries for WINER, WAJNER, WEJNER,
all spelling variations of VINER.

You may also be interested in BIALYGen, the Bialystok Region Jewish
Genealogy Group. We have a website at Click on
Discussion Forum to join the Bialystok discussion. Click on Research
Projects to search our project databases.

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
The name Binyamin,having been the father of my grandfather, Joseph VINER,
was the name written on Joseph's gravestone in the Etz Haim Cemetery in
Leeds UK.
The family possibly came >from Bialystok.Joseph
(Jowe) married Bashe Bershansky >from Jonava.
I am searching for Viners >from Bialystok.

Brenda Habshush, Sde Boker,Israel.

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