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How nice to see this list again. Hope the move went well.

I am looking for a plat map of the Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Phila.,
located at Frankford and E. Cheltenham Aves. If someone has a copy
showing row numbers and/or section letters/names, please contact me
privately so I can arrange to get a copy.

I recently discovered that my g-grandparents were buried at Mt. Carmel,
and also their son, my g-uncle. This was quite a discovery, since no one
in the family today has any information on these people. I visited Mt.
Carmel this week. The cemetery is owned/managed by a florist/monument
company located across the street. They also own or manage (I don't know
the exact arrangement) 3 other cemeteries adjacent to or abutting Mt.

The staff at the florist shop were most accomodating, and let me go
through the burial ledger for Mt. Carmel -- which they shouldn't have.
The ledger dates back to 1832, is highly deteriorated >from age, acidic
paper, and water damage (?). It also is falling apart and crumbling. The
ledger is kept in a drawer, but should be in an archival vault and
handled minimally, with white cotton, acid-free, gloves. I very gingerly
turned pages, found my pages, and photographed them. The copies are

The cemetery has no row, grave, or section markers -- or coordinates of
any kind! The record book, however, does show a Lodge section, or a row
and grave number. The notations are not consistent. A staff member
walked me to the cemetery, and was able to point out, generally, the
area where my g-grandparents' Lodge was located. He had no idea,
however, where the third plot was. It was identified only by a Row
letter and grave number. I found my g-grandparents after an hour of
walking the rows in the section he identified vaguely; however an
additional hour of walking did not turn up the third grave.

The managers said they have no maps of the grounds, since ownership of
the cemetery had passed through numerous owners and all that survived
were the books. One clerk did say that they had been contacted by a
group that "wanted to take the books" but had refused to relinquish
them. I am guessing they had been contacted by either the Jewish
Cemetery Project in Phila, or another similar organization, for purposes
of digitizing the records and preserving the books. Don't know, but will

I would be most appreciative if someone has a map of Mt. Carmel and will
make it available to me so I can return and photograph the third marker.

Thanks in advance,
Judith Lipmanson

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