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I fielded this question several times but I'll try again:

I am researching a possible connection to R' Chaim of Volozhin. The clues I
have are as follows:

According to a scribbled note, not very reliable, written by a family member
my gggrandmother, Sarah Hinde (nee SCHATZ daughter of Yosef-name SCHATZ may
only be his profession and not his actual family name) KANTOR, was a
descendant of R' Chaim through a LANDA grandchild. According to the book
"Etz Chaim" by M. Zinovitz (1972) R' Yitzaleh, the son of R' Chaim had a
daughter Raichel, who married R' Shmuel LANDA. This couple died at a young
age leaving a daughter, who married Chaim Hillel FRIED, father of, among
others, the well known BEN-SASSON family and another son.
Our problem with this is that another daughter is not mentioned and we know
of no connection to the FRIED/BEN-SASSON family (who we know well).
Ofcourse its possible that the LANDA couple had other children not mentioned
in the book.

Two other clues are: According to a family rumour, R' Mordechai Gimple
YAFFE, who was a student in Volozhin and possibly distant relative of the
Volozhin family, and Rabbi of Yehud in Israel, told my gguncle that he (my
uncle) was a descendant of R' Chaim. It is noted in another family source
that this ancestress was brought up in the house of R' Mordechai of Ruzanoi
(R'Mordechai YAFFE ?) We also have a family tradition that R' Yitzaleh was
the "shushvin" ( accompying the bride down the aisle) at my gggrandmother's
wedding (due to the premature death of her parents?).

All the above seem to strengthen the theory of our connection with R'chaim
of Volozhin but I would be happy to hear >from other sources who could
corraborate this theory. The reason that I mentioned above regarding the
reliability of the original note was that it mentioned also a possible
connection with the Gaon of Vilna and after some research it seems that this
link was put to rest.

Thank you for any suggestions on other books which you know contain details
on the Volozhin family or personal knowledge of the family.

Shavua tov and Shana tova to one and all.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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