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Maureen & John Robb <robbjm@...>

Where a man marries his brother's widow, can anyone please inform me:

1. what era was this custom likely to have been practised ?
2. was the age of the widow relevant, particularly if she was older than her
brother-in-law ?
3. were these marriages noted/recorded in any way different >from the first
marriage ?
4. were any siblings considered to be the children of the brother, or any
formal 'adoption' carried out ?

I also wish to express my thanks to all those who responded to my last
enquiry. A very small snippet of information lead me to find the person
who has eluded me for three years.
In addition to that, I have found someone who is very likely to be related
by a common *great, great grandfather* which I find most exciting.

Maureen Robb (nee Myers)

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