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Hello To All

Hi I am seeking help in tracing the whereabouts of David FALB. He was
sister to Rachel(Falb)Koenig. His wife was Rose Weinsoft. All I know is
that he was born in austria about 1888-89. His father was Wolf FALB who
came over about 1890 and died in march of 1897. His mother was

I would also love to know what happened to the mother since I am unable
to trace her. I have david's marriage record, but other then the names
it provided me I am still at a dead end. I also have an article from
late june of 1949 that goes into detail about my great-aunt Ruth
KOENIG's wedding and how he as her uncle was going to walk her down the
isle along with her mother since the father Nathan KOENIG was deceased.

So, I know that he was still alive in 1949, but thats it. I looked in
the social scurity death index and he is not listed. He would have
lived in new york, possibly manhattan or brooklyn. I also think I may
have found him on a 1900 census of manhattan new york with his sister,
but its a bit unclear as to the names listed.

First off they spelled his name as FARRB, Dave. Also they spelled his
sister's name as Rasher/racher. The handwriting is very bad and also
they scribbled over the names which makes it even harder for me to
figure out. Also there are other names listed including parents names,
but I think the last name is different and I can't make it out. I
believe that maybe He and his sister were taken in or adopted by
another family.

I would love another pair of eyes to look at the census for him and
decipher who the other names are including the parents listed with him.
You have to go to [name of commercial site removed by Moderator] to view it.
Its roll #1091-Manhattan Boro-ED(222)-page 215(11B)-1900 New York census.

Any help and advice is appreciated.

Sarah Greenberg

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