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I am interested in finding out where I can get information about
naturalizations for residents of the State of Tennessee during
the early 20th century.

For pre-1906 - I am familiar with the book "Davidson Co., TN Naturalization
Records 1803-1906" by Mary Sue Smith, although it appears that the records
available to Ms. Smith were incomplete - it listed one of my relative's
Declaration of Intention, but no indication about his petition or naturalization
certificate. Are those records missing for the 1901-1906 period?

Post-1906 - Where would those records be kept? The National Archives has a
listing for naturalization records in the Western District -
Memphis area - but not the other parts of the state (I am interested
in Nashville and certain southern counties). I saw one list that
suggested that Tennessee naturalizations may be found in Alabama court
records. Is there other information out there about (1) which court(s)
granted these naturalizations, and (2) whether those
records are held in a National Archives branch?

Thank you.

Michael Richman
Bethesda, MD, USA

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