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I am searching for a rabbi and his family >from Manchester, England (or some
say London) whose mother's maiden name was GAISINSKY / HAISINSKY and whose
maternal grandfather was Rabbi Yitzhak Avraham Gaisinsky >from Stavishche,
Ukraine. The younger rabbi settled in Manchester as a youngster in the early
1920's (or possibly earlier) and although I am uncertain of his name there is
a significant chance that it could be one of the following surnames: TANICKI,
CZARNE, FISHEL or SPEKTOR. The Manchester rabbi may have been born in a town
outside of Stavishche, as his mother and aunts probably married into other
rabbinical families >from nearby shtetls. I am researching the grandfather of
the Manchester rabbi and I am assisting a friend who is related to him who would
like to discover more about this lost wing in his family which settled in

If anyone can help please respond privately.
Many thanks
Lisa Brahin Weinblatt
New Jersey, USA

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