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Laurence Harris <laurence@...>

I have a UK Chief Rabbi's Marriage Authorization document of 1895. There is
ONE word of Hebrew that I do not recognize, and I would appreciate any help
with the translation of this word into English.

The document can be seen on Viewmate(VM6917)using:

The word required is the second word (or name) commencing Yud-Ayin -... on
the line "Will attend Wedding".

I would like to know the Hebrew word and (if appropriate its translation).
It is probably the Hebrew name of an unmarried brother of the groom.

Please note - I am able to translate all of the other Hebrew words on the
document (so I do not need a full translation of the document - just one

Please reply privately (as is usual for Viewmate replies).

Many Thanks.
Laurence Harris
Pinner, Middlesex, England
Researching: LEVY family of Passover Cake Bakers of London.

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