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Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

I had a very satisfying (& productive) experience along those lines. A year
or so ago I posted a group pix of my father taken in the late '40's or
early '50's in Birmingham, England, where he (and the family) lived. The
pix was posted to the British-Jewry online newsgroup (a great group of
people, BTW). The outcome was that 2 or 3 men in England who read my
posting were able not only to identify their family members - fathers or
(in one case) uncle in the photo but to identify all of the other men in
the pix. One of them showed the pix to his "mates"at the Singers Hill shul
in Birmingham, of which my family were long-term members. Another one
contacted a friend of his (who grew up in Birmingham but who had moved
away) who was able to identify *his" father as one of the men in the pix.

Just before the First World War, my father was a member of the B'ham branch
of the Jewish Lads' Brigade (since renamed the Lads and Girls Brigade). The
pix included former members of the Brigade and was (I was told) possibly
taken at the old Jewish community center in Birmingham. Most of the men
(like my father) were in the clothing business.

So - don't discard old pix of "non-relatives" -- someone (searching for
long-lost relatives) may be able to identify all of those (hitherto
unknown) faces for you! Think of it as a possible mitzvah!

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, CA
Formerly >from Birmingham, England

DROZDIAS (or variants) - Karczew, Poland; England
ISAACS, family of Solomon and Sarah - Poland (town unknown), Birmingham,
England RAUS - Karczew, Poland; England
KUJAWSKI (family of Szya Wolf KUJAWSKI) - Lodz, Poland, Birmingham, England
SHORN, family of Morris & Yetta - Poland (town unknown), London, England
SUPERSTAYN/SAFIRSTEIN (or variants) - Karczew, Poland; England

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