JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: EIDB- Deciphering a Place Name #general

Don Solomon

Without looking at the manifest itself, I would suggest Labun, since
some of the script L's of that period may look like Z's.

At 1:00 AM -0500 10/14/05, Jacob Rosen wrote:

Dear Genners,
I looked at EIDB for Salomon Perlberg who arrived with
his 3 children on June 6th,1899.
The place of origin is given as Zatrn. Upon looking at
the original manifest I realized that it is Zab??.
As far as I know they are >from the Tarnow area. The
first thing which comes to mind is Zabno but I need an
experienced eye to confirm/refute or to come with a
better solution.
Don Solomon <>

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