JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Younger siblings marrying in-laws' siblings #general

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

This was a very common practice and still is throughout the Jewish world.

An instance is that my Lithuanian grandmother's sisters, Jenny and Lena
Zadekowitz, and a cousin, Bertha Singer, married three Hillman brothers,
Morris, Max and Bernard, who were >from Latvia.

This occurred not only in Europe, but when families came to America. In my
Lithuanian grandfather's family, the same occurred with surprising
frequency, especially in America, where the families intermarried with
three or four other famillies in the local vicinity in New Jersey and New
York who had come >from the same shtetl in Europe.

It wasn't limited there, as one of my maternal aunties in England and
another much older relative played the "shadchan" for a number of relatives
and friends, some siblings, who were >from the same Ukrainian shtetls of
Drohobych and Borislav.

Further, going back to "der heim", if one looks are marriage records
carefully, this practice of sibling marriages can be found, as it is quite
common to see a number of relatives, particularly siblings, married on the
same day or in the same week.

Ann Rabinowitz

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