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Please excuse this e-mail if I have written previously. I lost a number of
records in a computer crash.

We are looking for ancestors and descendants of my great aunt, Nachema
ROSENFIELD. She married Leo/Leizer SPRITZ in Odessa in 1888. Nechema was the
daughter of Aaron BECKER, who changed his name to ROSENFIELD at some point.
Leo and Nachema had two sons, Wolf (born 05/31/1981) and Shmuel (born

The rest is unsubstantiated family history. Relatives have said that there
was a son Victor (probably Wolf), who was recruited by the government during
World War II as a dentist in Moscow. He had at least one son. Victor sent
for his mother and sisters >from Odessa, but they returned to rcover some
property. The mother and sisters are believed to have been lost in the
Holocaust. We have no record of the sisters' births. My father said they
were named Catherine, Esther, and Miriam. He also said that one of them
married a Dr. SILVERMAN.

Please let me know if you have furhter information on this family. We will
be happy to supply information on the ROSENFIELD family if there is a

Al Rosenfield
Columbus Ohio

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