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Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

Dear all,

Using auction sites for genealogical research is indeed a very useful resource.
Here is my experience of what can be found or done with auction sites:

1. Some of the most prominent auction sites allow very specific searches such as
memorabilia and judaica of certain kind or region of the world. I enjoy looking
for such themes and sometimes bump into a very interesting object or offer.

2. Although the Internet is full of used and rare books search sites, auction
sites are an alternative for finding books out-of-print.

3. The very well known auction site offers a valuable resource: one can receive
email warnings about certain very specific searches. For example, I have one of
such requests for the name "Venetianer" and all of it many spelling variants.
Since this is an unique surname, I get only few feedback messages, but when one
does arrives, it almost certainly contains something of my interest.

4. I use this same feature to search for bargain Yizkor books, which in their
original are very expensive and rarely show up in used books sites.

5. I also use this feature to search for vital records in Eastern Europe. Clearly
I won't find documents related to my family, but sometimes I find very interesting
documents which educate me in the kind of stuff to look for in the future.

6. I search for documents related to the major towns and shtetls I am researching.
Many times I find objects which tell me more about the local culture and customs.
Of course, the keyword "Jewish" is always added to this search.

I hope you find this useful.

Regards and belated chag Succot sameach

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Subject: online auctions sites
From: Gayle Schlissel Riley <key2pst@...>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 03:55:49 -0700
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I am using online auctions sites to augment my genealogy research. If
you know of a good foreign site to recommend would you share it with me
or us, privately unless the moderators will allow it to go out on
Jewishgen. Thank you Gayle >from San Gabriel

MODERATOR NOTE: We are unable to post recommendations of specific
online auction sites. Please reply privately.

Tom Venetianer < mailto:tom.vene@... >
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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