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Mark Halpern

Polish privacy law and the bureaucracy that administers this law makes
it very, very difficult to obtain the actual copy of any vital record
100 years old or less. The original record register for 1911 Bialystok
marriages is held by the Urzad Stanu Cywilnego -- USC (civil records
office) in Bialystok. The USC will provide an official extract of the
event if you request it. You can write to them in English and they will
send the official extract to the Polish Consulate nearest to you. I
think the fee for this service is $35 per record. Acquiring the same
extract in Bialystok is much less expensive -- about $5.

In a posting to the BIALYGen mailing list entitled "Summary of Trip to
Poland -- Report 2," I explained the current circumstances about privacy
in Poland. You can search the JewishGen SIG Archives at

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----- Original Message -----
My maternal Grandparents, Leizer ALK and Reizel KAFLOWIT(C)Z were married in
Bialystok on September 22, 1911. What are the chances, since this took place
less than 100 years ago, of my getting a copy of their marriage record, either
religious or civil? >from which Bialystok archive would I stand the best

Thank you,
Barbara Meyers
Researching KAFLOWITZ and ALK >from Bialystok

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