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Shelley K. Pollero

Renee Steinig wrote:

A cover story in the Oct. 21, 2005, issue of New York's Jewish Week is
headlined, "Shul Silent On Cemetery Database." It discusses the work of
Shane Wamsley, a Salt Lake City Mormon, to organize a cleanup of Bayside
Cemetery in Ozone Park, Queens, and to compile a database of its burials.
According to the article, the cemetery dates back to 1842 and has
approximately 35,000 graves.

The article, which appears online at

mentions JOWBR (the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry) and quotes
JewishGenners Eden Joachim and Florence Marmor, as well as Bob Friedman of
the Center for Jewish History.
Those interested in Bayside Cemetery may wish to read Florence Marmor's
introduction to the Database of Galitzianers Buried in Mokom Sholom
Cemetery's Free Burial Area. In this article, Florence refers to Mokom
Sholom Cemetery (aka [also known as] Bayside Cemetery).

Although the accompanying searchable database consists of 11,500 plus
persons whose death certificates indicated at least one Galician parent
and/or listed Austria or Austria-Poland, the introduction gives a glimpse
into the lives of some of New York's indigent Jews in the years 1880-1901.

This database is located at

Shelley K. Pollero
Gesher Galicia
Severna Park, Maryland

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