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Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

It is *not* correct to say that all naturalizations were performed in federal
court after 1906. Any court of record could perform naturalizations, and
many did. For example, the Supreme Court of New York County (Manhattan) has
a huge collection of massive bound volumes of naturalization records
performed by that court (a county court) - most of them after 1905.

After 1906 the court merely had to use forms specified by the Federal
government and to file a copy of the Petition for Naturalization with the

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

"Doug Cohen" <dmc@...> wrote

After 1906, all naturalizations were in the federal district court. You
need to find the archives of the district court in Albany (nearest NARA
branch -- either Pittsfield or Varick St. in Manhattan, I would assume)and
ask them for the naturalization petition. In the petition file, there will
also be a certificate showing the ship on which he arrived. Many NARA
branches have the ship manifests, whcih will show, among other things,
nearest relative left behind in the old country. Both of these documents
will be interesting to you!!

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA

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