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Tony Hausner

I am searching for the following people who were listed in the Jewishgen
familyfinder as researching for Skala Podolskaya families or sent emails in
the past to Jewishgen listserv regarding Skala. each of these people appear
to have changed their email addresses.

Deborah Siegel Thalor
Yoni Ben-Ari
Gerald Shapiro
Carol Adler Zsolnay
Philip J. Leonard
Reba Solomon

if you are one of these people, or know how to contact them, please
get in touch with me at the following email address tthausner@...

I would like to pursue information about Skala.

Tony Hausner
Silver Sring, MD
Hausner - Skala, galicia, vienna, prague
Zimmerman - Skala
wechsler - mielnica
Heimann - galicia

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