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Vivian Kahn

Several weeks ago, I sent a letter to Mrs. Chaya EHRENSTEIN of Kfar
Vradim, Israel, who submitted a Page of Testimony in 1990 for her
mother, Hermina Moskovitz Handelsmann >from Spissky Hrusov,
Czechoslovakia.=A0The POT indicated that her maternal grandfather was
Emil Moskovits. I wrote to her because, based on the places and dates,
it is possible that her grandfather Emil MOSKOVITS, may have been an
older brother of my paternal grandmother Hermina MOSKOVITS NEUMANN. My
great-uncle Emil MOSKOVITS was born in November 1867 in Szobrancz,
Hungary. Szobrancz, which became Sobrance, Czechoslovakia during the
war and is now in Slovakia, is about half-way between Michalovce and
Uzhorod, Ukraine (formerly Ungvar).

If Chaya Ehrenstein's grandfather was my great-uncle Emil, her mother
Hermina and my father Elemer were first cousins and Chaya and I are
second cousins. My grandmother Hermina and her brother Moricz were the
only ones of at least nine children who came to the US so it is
important for me to know if Chaya is indeed part of my extended family.

To date, I have been unable to find any trace of Emil or the fate of
his family. This is the first possible lead.

I wrote my letter in English and don't know if Mrs. Ehrenstein can read
that language or has someone who can help with translation. If you
live in or near Kraf Vradim and are willing to try and contact Mrs.
Ehrenstein on my behalf, please contact me off-list and I will give you
her address. I believe that she is still listed in the phone

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help,

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

Researching families >from present-day Slovakia including:
GRUNVALD/Bratislava, Michalovce, Humenne, Slov.; KOHN/Ung megye, Hung.
LEFKOVITS/Zemplen or Ung megye?; MARKUS/Sepsiszentgyorgy, Hung. (Sfante Gheorghu,
Rom); MOSKOVITS/MOSKOWITZ/MOSS, Ostrov (Kisozstro), Sobrance, Bunkocz, Kosice
(Kassa),Ungvar, Michalovce, Presov, NYC, Cleveland; NEUMANN/Sobrance, Michalovce,
Kosice (Kassa), Sabinov (Kis-Szeben), Vranov (Varanno), Kriszti (Kereszt), Slov.

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