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I come to this thread late, but might just add that some
unpleasant "warts" have helped me in my genealogy research!
I was surprised to find out that my great grandfather
appeared regularly in the court news of his local paper. He
was a pawn broker, and with his brother Michael, was
regularly charged with extortion, receiving, and other
unsavoury practices. Now, this ancestor had an unusual name
(and you'll note I am not going to tell you what it is. We
can keep our dirty laundry in the family. Maybe my cousins
feel more private about this than I do), and interestingly,
a Michael, pawn broker, by the same name, is found in the
Manitoba court pages. I had, disregarded this Michael,
convinced our family had never been near Canada. But, the
similarity of his dismeanor and occupation were clues that I
pursued, and which allowed me to follow his pathway from
Canada, to Colorado and finally to join his brother (my
great grandfather) in Utah. while I haven't been successful
yet, I am hoping that research in Manitoba may open some
doors to the old country which have been closed to present.

Annemarie JUTEL
Wellington, New Zealand

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