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Christa Sobczak <csjs@...>

Dear Group,

I am looking for your advice on how to send Polish money >from the United States
to an archive in Szczecin/Stettin, Poland. When I visited the archive earlier
this year, I was told that they will only accept Polish money. Yes, I know,
they are part of the European Union, but because of their weak economy, I was
told, they deal mainly with Polish money at this time.

1. Western Union has new regulations since last July, whereby they no longer
make deposits into bank accounts of institutions in foreign countries. They
make deposits only to an individual's account. I spoke with about 8 different
Western Union people about this, because I could not believe it.

2. I cannot find a bank that will make money transfers of less than $100.

3. International Currency Express, Inc. does not issue drafts in Polish zloty.

4. If I send cash in Polish money to the bank account, I would not have a
written record that I made the deposit. In order to receive the document, I
must send a statement to the archive to prove that I made the deposit.

If you have any suggestions for me, I would appreciate hearing >from you.

Christa Sobczak

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