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Irene K. <impromptus2002@...>

"I have been searching unsuccessfully for the surname
OSSUR in Gargzdai, Lithuania. The All Lithuania
Database has quite a few entries for
OSHER in that town. Does anyone know if this is the
same name?"

I may suggest you to consider another spelling; OSHRI.
This surname was found in Kupishkos in Panevezys
region. The town Gargzdai in Klaipeda region and the
distance to Kupishkos is rather big. Meanwhile, it
could be that your ancestors have been living in
Gargzdai for some short time before immigrating
abroad, and originally they were >from Kupishkis. This
is a pure guess. Descendants of Rabby OSHRI live in
Israel today. Hope it helps.

Irene Kudish
Libkind, Glikin - Belarus, Lithuania

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