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Dorothy Harper <dorothyharper17@...>

Thank you all for your feed-back, I guess I over-reacted, several of you
told me of finding relatives through,, up until a few
days ago Jewish-Genealogy was my only sourse for finding relatives.

Then! a long lost cousin in Toronto, estranged >from the rest of the family
saw *his* family name on google and wrote me. Coincidence? So much
information that no one knew but him!

Anyway, I did a complete search on google today, I copied and pasted the
sites that have my Home Page and/or Index of individuals to my Word. I last
submitted my Tree to the World Family Tree on February 18, 2002 so most
information was obscolete. The Index of individuals only showed names and
dates of deceased relatives, also notes of memories, and photos. No
birthdates of living individuals. I felt secure. Then going down the list,
entering family names, I found my MIL's family dated April 6, 2004, and
another had my Home page updated November 1, 2005. How did they do this?
I did not submit my Tree to World FTM. There anyone can look on my updated
Descendant Charts (PDF) with names, births, marriages, deaths and places of
the above.

My Tree on which I no longer belong to (they are now with updated files) they just wanted someone to buy my records.
I also saw a "Net Detective: find out the truth about anyone!" site where
my name was, I found my JewishGen-erosity, I found some other Dorothy
(Kaplan) Harpers which are brilliant authors and origami enthusiasts, AND I
found my older son Michael's Home Page which informed me finally of what he
actually does since he does not tell his mother of his accomplishments. If
anyone wants to see my brilliant son I can send you his site.

So: I have accepted the fact that I am in the 21st century, on the
Information Highway, however I would still prefer to delete dates and photos
of living individuals. Particularly children. I have seen an option on FTM
which I shall investigate, I noticed others had Family Trees that were
Privatized through some program.

I will go to Yahoo tomorrow and see what they know about me. I am no longer
paranoid, I just don't understand how my Home Page was updated 2 days ago as
if by magic.

Sincerely, Dorothy Harper, researching: KAPLAN/METTER ,Litvaks >from the
Minsk area Belarus; ROZENBERG/ROSENBERG, Skaryszew near Radom Poland;
HOCHBERG, Galicia - Lvov or Bobrka; MOSSOWITZ, Russia.

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