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My grandfather's revealed that he died by jumping out the window of a TB
sanitorium and my husband's gf's revealed that he died of syphilis of
the brain.

No wonder no one wanted to tell me anything when I asked!
My family has a similar story: There are unconfirmed rumors about the
less-than-honorable death of ...

When working with information about my relatives or others >from the same
shtetls, I'm often faced with this issue. Sometimes what I have about a
particular person is mostly warts.

I try to consider first the people who were murdered: Had they lived, they
would have chosen to reveal their warts, to conceal them, to overcome them
-- or some other choice I can't even imagine. I wish they could speak for
themselves, but they can't.

In theory, I'm prepared to reveal their warts if that's what can be found
about them, with care and consideration for their descendents. In practice,
I find myself holding back such information.

However I choose, as a descendent, the act of making such choices is a way
to undo a little of the damage.



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Palo Alto, CA
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