Re: Eberstadt-Krs. Darmstadt [SITE CITE: JewishGen Gazetteer] #germany

Arline and Sidney Sachs

Could there be two Eberstadt towns? The one I am referring to is just a
tiny bit south of Darmstadt and I don't see the other towns mentioned on
the google map.

Arline Sachs, Lorton, VA sachs@...

**** Moderator note: **** According to the JewishGen Gazetteer at:
there are 5 places in Germany called "Eberstadt". Two of them are
known to have had a Jewish population including the one at 49:49 N - 08:39 E
which is very close to Darmstadt.

The J Gen Gazetteer is a valuable resource. For towns with known Jewish
populations, a click on the town name brings up a list of all "nearby" Jewish
communities. On my test search just now, cities and towns within 30 miles
were listed. Darmstadt (3 miles north) was second in the long list.

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