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A. E. Jordan

I need some help again >from "Down Under" to locate family information.
Thanks to the help I received in the past I found a lot of family
records but I need some more help now.

Based on some information I found three brothers named BLUMBERG arrived
in Australia in 1882 and I am told they are cousins but I do not know
how they fit on to the tree.

What I need is help to figure out who these brothers' parents were and
where they came from. I already have read the article entitled The
Blumbergs of Blumbergville and it does not do what I need. I am using
my experiences >from the USA to try and figure out how to do this
research. I need local expertise to help.

Here's what I know in short-hand to help guide the research
(hopefully). The brothers arrived on a ship called Gauntlet and settled
in Queensland in a rural area near Dugandan. The town that grew up was
first called Blumbergville and later became Boonah. >from the research
the three brothers, Levi (Louis) married June 29, 1890 in Rockhampton,
had two children, and died April 23, 1896 in Roma, Queensland and was
buried in Toowoomba Jewish Cemetery in Brisbane. Bother Abram (Adolphe)
married before 1893 in Ballarat and had five children and died in 1902
and was buried in the Old Boonah Cemetery. Mendel (Max) never married
and all I know is he died in 1938.

Wondering if the marriage records, death records, cemetery records,
children's birth records, arrival records or what would give me a clue
to the brothers' parents?

Any thought on where to turn would be greatly appreciated.


Allan Jordan

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