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Does anyone know anything about Elisabeth Louisa GOODMAN born 1887 may have
had a twin brother or sister - either Anne Goodman or possibly Bill Goodman
(my uncle cannot remember which) but know they lived in Golders Green, North
London in 1949 as he attended a Goodman Wedding in that year.

They had two daughters Diana and Jean. It was Diana's wedding and she
married an Alan Painell? Bill (assume his name was Goodman if he was the
twin otherwise do not know his surname) was an editor or publisher with one
of the newspapers in the Kemsley Group!!?? There was also a cousin John
Goodman at the same Wedding??

I have no idea where this wedding took place but it was somewhere in London,
perhaps even in Golders Green!! I have a photograph.

Anyone who may know of any of the above names or any information on
Elizabeth Louisa Goodman please could you reply privately.

The only other info I have is she was a graduate >from the Pitman School of
Shorthand in London and met my grandfather through this connection. She
worked as an apprentice and worked as a trained florist in the flower shop
on the Green Park side of Berkely Square? She went out to Australia and
married James Victor HALL in 1920 and lived in Sydney had two sons - the
eldest was my father, now deceased.

She separated >from my grandfather in 1935 and she returned to England in the
60's. I dont know anything else about her.

I never knew her as my family travelled (my father was a pilot). I am
trying to find out anything about her as I believe she was Jewish although
she was raised Church of England.

With the above information and names can anyone help me track any of the
Goodmans above??

Please reply privately. Thank you.

Christine Hall

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