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Beth Galleto

Has anyone researched the artist Alfred H. LEVITT, who
lived >from 1894 to 2000? If so, I would appreciate any
information about his family tree that you could share
with me.

My mother saw his photo in a magazine, and she was
struck by his strong resemblence to one of her uncles.
This started me wondering whether he was related to my
large LEVITIN family.

Some web research yielded a number of biographies and
articles. Next I found Alfred’s WWI draft
registration, which indicated that he was originally
from Starodub in the Chernigov gubernia of Russia, a
few miles >from the town >from which my LEVITIN family

I sent away for his Social Security application and
learned that his full name was Alfred Hyman LEVITT and
that his parents were Hyman and Sadie nee LEVITT. A
note on the application confirms that her maiden name
and married name were the same. It also said that he
came >from Starodub.

Searching for his passenger manifest was a challenge,
but by searching on the town Starodub I finally found
the family coming through Ellis Island on the SS Birma
on November 21, 1911. The family appeared in three
locations in the manifest and were indexed as "Leroit"
and "Leirit." No wonder they were hard to find! The
manifest showed Michla, 18; Abram, 16 (and already
listed as a painter); Meische, 11; and Mendel, 9; and
their parents Chaim and Scheine, ages 63 and 50. All
were listed under the last name of LEWIT. The manifest
said that they came >from Starodub and were going to
Chaim’s son, D. LEWIT. His address was difficult to
read but was probably 193 E. 100 Street in New York.
It may have been 173 E. 101 Street. Their nearest
relative in the old country was Itze LEWIT of

So far I have been unable to find any members of this
family in the 1930 or 1920 censuses, although I have
tried numerous search strategies and inventive

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

Beth Galleto
Greenbrae, CA

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