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Wendy Griswold <gris@...>

Hi, cousins. I pass this along in case it will help someone else.

Having tried every mangled spelling I could think of, I was unable to locate
my aunt's death cert. However, I knew where she was buried. A very kind
person at Old Montefiore found a Fannie Lebit (the correct name is Ledet) in
about the right location, with the right date. The name on the headstone is
correct, but the name they have on the records and on the death cert is the
mangled version.

Hey, they got 3 letters right, not to mention the number of syllables.

Anyway, a back-door approach. Hope it does someone else some good.


Wendy Griswold
Arlington VA

Searching: BLITZ (near Lemburg), EINHORN (near Nowy Sacz), PFEIFFER/FIFER
(near Lemburg), DWASS/DAVIS (Ekaterinoslaw), WENZELBERG - every imaginable
spelling - (near Nowy Sacz),
SHIFULDREM (Near Nowy Sacz, spelling highly questionable)

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