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I am a member of a synagogue in Afula, Israel that was built by survivors
from Verba, Vohlyn Gubernia (now in the Ukraine) in the years 1959-1960.
There is a big memorial wall to the Jews of Verba who were murdered in the
Holocaust. It is a small synagogue. We are now facing the fact that the
synagogue is in bad condition and we need to do a big renovation in order to
keep the building >from destruction.
I am hoping to find anyone who can help us to find Verba descendants or
anyone who is interested in helping us preserve this important synagogue and
that will help us to keep the Verba memory alive.
Please let me know if you have any ideas on how I can best go about
finding people who would be interested in helping us with this project and
if you may have come across any others looking for ancestors >from Verba or
towns nearby.
Thank you so much for anything that you can tell me.

Please reply privately to me at: i_halp@...

Israel Halperin
Afula, Israel

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