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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

To Adam Eisen who is stumped with records of his family >from Manchester,
England, let me offer the following scenarios which may provide an answer to
his bafflement.

1. You have gotten a "similarly" named family's record and not your own.

When researching my grandfather Lewis Fink in Manchester, I found numerous
records for FINK families. A number of them had the head of the family
listed as Lewis, the same approximate age as my Lewis and several of the
children had the same names and ages as my family and where the name of the
wife was given, in some instances, it was the same as my grandmother Rose.
This was particularly tricky when I was searching for naturalization

2. Your great grandmother had a first and middle name and was known by

3. Your great grandfather got confused when registering his child and gave
the incorrect information.

This happens as my grandfather went to register his third daughter with his
second daughter Ada by his side. When the registrar asked him questions in
English which he did not really understand, he ended up by giving the name
of his second daughter to the new baby. Therefore, my mother had two
sisters named Ada, although the new baby was always known by the name her
father meant her to have, Sarah.

4. Your great grandfather had two wives as noted below >from your posting.
One died and he remarried shortly after the birth of your grandfather.

1891 Death of Jacob
Father: Woolf Eisenstein
Mother: Sara Eisenstein

1892 Birth of Reuben (my grandfather)
Father: Woolf Ichinstein
Mother: Sara Ichinstein (formerly Melason)

1895 Birth of Solomon
Father: Woolf Isenstein
Mother: Fanny Eisenstein (formerly Levenstein)

You need more records such as British marriage records to confirm which
scenario may be correct.

Ann Rabinowitz

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