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Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners and Siggers,
Thanks to all of you who contacted me privately and
inquired about the possibility to purchase the Pinkas
and also about different entries in it.
I was in contact with Alexander Tachauer's children
and the bottom line is that they did it in the honor
of their father and do not wish to market it or
reprint more copies.It is of course a pity but this is
their wish.
The Pinkas contains 737 handwritten entries sometimes
difficult to decipher. The first are >from 1914 but the
bulk is between 1919-1933 (the year he came to
Palestine).He continued to circumcize in Israel until
For those who asked me to check a specific entry and
gave me the year I'll respond in the next few days.If
you did not mention the year,please email me again and
I'll respond as well.
Peace >from Jerusalem
Jacob Rosen

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