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Robert Leibowitz

In a previous message, Nick Landau (London, UK) wrote:

"There has been a lot of correspondence recently about what to do
with photos. If you still live in the city in which your parents or
grandparents grew up, one thing that you can do is go and take
photos of the houses where they grew up, or if they have been
knocked down take a photo of a similar house in the same street."

Barry Eisenberg (Rockville, MD USA) then pointed out that photos
of NYC buildings 1939-1941 are available for purchase >from the
NYC Municipal Archives.

There is one additional resource which some may find useful--a
web site which offers photos of some NYC buildings and which
offers a limited number of free searches per day. One can
search by street address and obtain property information such
as date built, current use, a list of neighboring buildings,
tax assessment, and, in many cases, a current color photograph.
To my surprise, many century-old NYC tenement buildings are
still standing. I was successful in obtaining photographs of
most of the Lower East Side tenements my grandparents lived
in when they first arrived in NYC, as well as photos of the
Garment District buildings in which they worked.

This is the link to the site:
I have no connection to this web site.
By limiting the number of searches per day, one can avoid
paying subscription fees. I found I did not even need
to register.

Bob Leibowitz
Boston, MA USA

KAUFMAN (Smorgon, Belarus)

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