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Hello All

I need help and all advice and information on getting in contact with
living relatives/descendants of my grandfather's FAJKES/FAIKES family.
I believe most may still reside in Argentina for most of his siblings
migrated there I would say between the 1920's-1930's. I have several
photos of his siblings >from there, but I do not know who they are.

from all my research and resources found I do know that two of his
brothers are buried in cemeteries in Argentina. They are David &
Mark/Marco Fajkes/Faikes. I also now know that my grandfather has a set
of twin nephews going by the last name Burd. I only remember one name
of Sebastian. I would love to be able to get in contact with them so I
can maybe ask questions about my grandfathers family history.

I believe at one point between 1998-2000 Sebastian may have been living
in New York and going to school here, but then he may have gone back
home to Argentina. I have a card that he sent to my grandparents thats
dated 1998-99 >from a New York address. I have also just recieved
petition papers on my grandfather(Milton) and his sister Rose
Friedman(deceased). Its so exciting to finally know where they came

I also have their mother's marriage record. Rywa/Reva Fajkes/Faikes
Born about 1878 in Poland was widowed when she came to America about
1929. She then remarried in 11/13/1936 in Brooklyn to a Louis Rosenberg
age 70. She was 58. I have not been able to determine her date of death
or who her first husband's name was. I wish I can ask my grandfather
questions but he is in a home along with my grandmother because of

So, If anyone out there can help me in any way in trying to contact any
living descendants of this family I would greatly appreciate it.

Sarah Greenberg

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