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Hi Jewish Genners ,

I was wondering if anyone can help me regarding the Families Salamon and
Green . The problem is that I do not have many dates .

Meyer Oscar Salamon and Celia ( nee TICK) were >from Russia . They moved to
England with their children . The list below are their names .

Israel Salamon - ( eventually emigrated to America)
Sarah Ester Salamon born +- 1876( married Morris Rappaport - my great
grandfather, died in South Africa)
Raie Salamon ( married surname Wittenberg died in South Africa)
Minnie Salamon ( married surname Rieck died 1979/0/24 , buried Pinelands ,
South Africa)
Hyman Salamon (died 1964 - 03 - 28 in Cape Town South Africa)
Betty Salamon (married surname Fink , died 1986-01-24 Cape Town , South
Beattie Salamon ( Married surname Krieger)
Sam Salamon
Nan Salamon (married surname Hessen , died 1964 - 11-29 in Cape Town South

I am also looking for information about Jacob Green's 2 brothers . Jacob
married Rachel UNTERSCHALG and moved to South Africa. His 2 brother were Sam
( moved >from Russia to Scotland) & Max ( who moved to America)

Thanks in Advance

Jeff Osrin
Cape Town
South Africa

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