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David Priever

Dear Fellow Jewishgenners,

What follows is a list sent to me in 1997 by an adminstrator >from Cypress
Hills Cemetery. I was given the number as twelve (12) Jewish sections but
we will all count several more than that. Some obviously (by the name) do
not seem to be Jewish but this was the list as sent to me. In the list many
have known addresses, some do not. I left the addresses out for sake of
space. If you are interested in what else I have for the section, please
email me (brooklyn1960@...).

1-Ahawath Chesed Congregation
2-Beth Joseph Society
3-Cremieux Society
4-Isacher Lodge #7 (Grand Lodge Free Son Israel)
5-Levy Lodge Sec. 1
6-Rehoboth Lodge #38
7-Sebulon Lodge
8-Allen Street Church Grounds
9-Cassia Lodge
10-Douglas Star Lodge
11-Jacob Sons #1
12-Noah Lodge Beno. Soc.
13-Reuben Lodge #3
14-Sons of Peace Lodge
15-Aryeh Widows and Orphans
16-Charter Oak Lodge (a/k/a) Herman Lodge #148
17-Ionic Lodge
18-Krakauer Society
19-Novai Zedek Soc.
20-Schaaare Rachmin Soc.

The administrator had asked me to try to ascertain current information on
these organizations in order for them "to develop a program of restoration
in these areas" but it was difficult for me to work on this "one person
show" at the time as it was before I moved back to New York >from Los
Angeles. I did search for possible certificates of incorporation. I found
some documents but never went any further in this.


David Priever

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