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Dear Lodz researchers

A very big photo archive of the shoa period i find into the web site of the
museum of lojamei hagetaot(i search into internet remembering when i was there
in 1976) (ghetto fighters museum),one of the big holocaust museum.
Into these photo archive 4300 picture are of Lodz,few taked on undercover
situation(an undercover for the lents do that picture be in a strong
yellow).abouth 20 diferent family group pictures.many diferent work group.The
full archive is more big may be 30 thousend pictures i dont know how much.
pictures,I take 4 days to see all these.
To go do : archives and then put the word lodz on the search engine.
sorry by my poor english.

A other website to research Jewish Lodz comunity is the cemetery of Lodz .I
find there many of my parents these week .

buena suerte

Jorge Madrowicz
Buenos Aires

MODERATOR NOTE: is in Polish.

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