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In 1894, at the age of 18, my wife's great-grandfather was recruited in
the British Army.
His enlistment in the Grenadier Guards was for "Short Service (3 years
with the Colors, and 9 years in the Reserve.)"
Was this likely to have been a voluntary enlistment or a form of
compulsory "National Service"?
I'm pretty sure this would have been voluntary. There was no
conscription in Britain until 1916.
In fact, I believe that in 1914 young men joined up in droves. It was only
later as Robert points out, presumably after the vast losses at the Somme
etc, that Britain introduced conscription.

See >from the
Imperial War Museum regarding "When was conscription introduced during the
First World War?" January 1916 apparently.

I noticed while looking at the above link that it directs one to a page
regarding Family History
with links such as "Tracing POW's". regarding "National
Service" says that the first National Service Acts were passed during WWII.
I don't know what the difference is between conscription and National
Service. (the Peace
Pledge Union Project) says that while conscription was first developed in
Prussia in the 18th C and spread throughout the Continent, it never became a
British tradition. Apparently it was considered to smack of militarism.

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London, UK

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