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I am confused as I saw this reply to a message but the
original query was not on the General Discussion
group: So how do I reply to William?

"Wim van Praag wrote on 29 Nov 2005 in
I search for the family-tree of my grandfather,
Benjamin VAN PRAAG. Born 30-09-1870 in Amsterdam, died
2-7-1943 Sobibor. He was full time treasurer of ANDB
(Dutch Diamond Workers Association). Married to Celina
Hollander, born 25-12-1887 in Amsterdam, died 2-7-1943
Sobibor." Evertjan Hannivoort then replied: You could
order his "gezinskaart" >from the Amsterdam
municipalarchive: < > "

1. I recently came across an early Jewish van PRAAG:
Joanna Joseph van PRAAGH born in Nikolsburg [now
called Mikulov], Moravia [Czechoslovakia]. She died
before 1747 in the Netherlands. Her father is given as
Joseph Moses van Praagh

The fact that this branch of the family came from
Nikolsburg [or perhaps travelled there!] is very
interesting. Nikolsburg had a very old Jewish
community and a famous Yeshiva. "Substantial numbers
of Jewish merchants >from Nikolsburg travelled to
Leipzig for the fairs every year, on the way joining
the far larger contingent >from Prague" - see:

The Jewish cemetery is a gem. There are seven PRAGER
and one PREGER graves in Nikolburg. This name could
have mutated to Van PRAAG. However, I suspect that
there must have been multiple origins for this large
Dutch Jewish clan - perhaps all >from Bohemia and
Moravia originally?

2. If you look at the IGI records you will find over
200 van PRAAG >from the Netherlands stretching way
back. Many appear to be Jewish. The earliest is record
listed is: Aaron Mozes van PRAAG marrying Belie COHEN
in the Hague on 7 May 1768.

3. I did some research on the family of an early
Bohemian immigrant to the USA and wrote the about his
descendants on the Austria-Czech SIG [see SIG message archives S.E.
ROSENBAUM of Goltsch Jenikau, Caslauer Kreis - 29 Sept
and 8 Oct 2005 for full details]: ... in the 1880 [US]
census Henry ZELDENRUST's mother Dena {a widow}, was
born in Alsace [her mother's home] but
her father [born 1810] came >from Holland; he lives
with them in NY snd is listed as Jacob Nanprague. This
is a mistranscription for VAN PRAGUE - a 6-year old
Jewish boy Emanuel VAN PRAGUE >from Holland can be seen
in the 1891 census of England and Wales. In other US
censuses, Jacob can clearly be seen as VAN PRAGUE.

The Jewish Museum in Amsterdam may have an archived
*van PRAAG* family tree giving more clues as to the
origins of this family.

Celia Male [U.K.]

MODERATOR NOTE: When Celia quotes in her message >from the Austria-Czech list,
she does so >from her own message to that list.

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