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Karen Pratt <kvpratt@...>

Hi there Genners,
Requesting some translating. I really appreciate any effort to help me.

FYI: KNOLLER is the maiden name of my father's mother (Jennie KNOLLER NITKA/COHN).
PODZAMCZER is the maiden name of Jennie's mother (Ester PODZAMCZER KNOLLER).
BLITZBLAU-and variations-connects to the family 2x through 2 Marcus BLITZBLAUs.

Question: Does the surname PODZAMCZER have an alternate meaning?

Please send your info to me privately. kvpratt@...
Karen Pratt in Miami, FL

STERNBACH, Eugenie r Golde m. ADLER, Marcus in 1900
KNOLLER, Israel m. Frimcie DUKATENZEILER in 1887
WILDER, Izydor m. LAUTERBACH, Fryderyka 1900
Machese BLIBAUM Birth in 1864
PODZAMCZER, Hillel Hersh Birth in 1892

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