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Ricki L. Zunk <nockbockle@...>

It's been a very long time since I last posted my "searching for" list of
families and locations. Having made major inroads over the past 5 years, I
thought that now would be a good time to post my much more complete list of
names and places once again. If you find any of these names and places
familiar, please contact me *privately* at nockbockle@... and we'll
"talk" further in private. No need to tie up the whole list with stuff that
is of no use to anyone but us.

Searching for:

Family of Ricki Randall Zunk:

COHAN/COPLIN/COPLAND/COPELAND - Lithuania (near Vilna) to Philadelphia, PA
(some to Johannesburg, South Africa the then to Phila., PA
FRIEDMAN - Pyetrykau, Minsk Guberna (now Belarus) to NYC area and ?
GROSS - Kozova or Teofilpolka, Galicia (now Ukraine) to NYC area and ?
KRAMER - German-speaking part of the Pale to Lancaster and then to
Philadelphia, PA
KURSON/CURSON/CARSON - Ape and Smiltene, Latvia to Philadelphia, PA,
Texas/Oklahoma, Glasgow, Scotland, Cyprus, Israel, Australia, Tanzania
LEVINE/LEVINSKY/BIALAGORSKY - Minsk or Pinsk Guberna to Philadelphia, PA,
and Ontario Prov., Canada
RENDELSTEIN/RANDALL/RENDELL - Austria/Galicia (now Ukraine) to *anywhere*
(we're all related)
SCHNEIDERMAN - Pyetrykau, Minsk Guberna (now Belarus) to Brooklyn, NY

Family of Steven R. Zunk:

EKMAN/FINKELSTEIN - Novvy Oleksinets or Szumsk, Volhynia Guberna to Newark,
NJ area and Boston, MA area
FEIGEL/FINKEL - Szumsk, Volhynia Guberna to Newark, NJ and Boston, MA area
TROST - Hrubieszow, Poland to Newark, NJ, Brooklyn, NY, and Israel
ZUNK/ZUNG/ZANK - Arudlo (or Horodlo) and Austilla, Poland to Newark, NJ
ZYNGIER - probably the area in or around Lublin, Poland

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