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Sara Sumner writes:

<<I am researching the BENSTIEN/BINSTEIN family >from Grodna. Specifically
Chaya Sarah SUMNER nee BINSTEIN. I have been told her older brother changed
his name >from Shmuel BINSTEIN to Louis MYERS when he came to America. I also
know he was an inventor. The only information I could find regarding a Louis
MYERS, inventor, was a mechanical pencil sharpener: Louis Myers Pencil
Sharpener Patented 1912 ~ Advertised 1913. Mechanical Products Co. Brooklyn,
NY. I tried to look up the information >from the US patent records but did
not have much luck online. Does anyone know where I could find this

A search of US historical newspaper databases turned up the following
information on the inventor Louis Myers in "The Hartford Courant."

In a column titled "Connecticut Patents" these inventions by Louis Myers are

1903 - tabulating device for typewriters, bail retainer, and type bar
1904 - carriage shutting mechanism

In 1912 there is an obituary in for Mrs. Florence Myers of Hartford, widow
of Isaac, mother of surviving sons, Louis and Max, and daughter Esther
Herrup. There's also a later reference in social notes for this newspaper
to a "Mrs. Louis Myers" of Bridgeport.

There were many Jews >from Grodno who lived in Hartford, but no evidence here
that this family once had the surname Binstein or Benstein. does appear that this same Louis Myers is the inventor you
are researching. Perhaps local Hartford historical information might yield
some clues as to whether this is the person you are seeking and Connecticut
might have its own patent records available for researching with more
details on this person.

Of note to researchers--the following two newspapers are very recent--and
welcomed--(fall 2005) additions to the ProQuest database: The Chicago
Defender (1909-1975 when completed in 2006) and The Hartford Courant
(1764-1984 when completed in 2006). Access to this database is available
free-of-charge through many public libraries and research institutions, to
university students and alumni, and through paid subscriptions to private
genealogical libraries.

Good luck!

Pamela Weisberger
Santa Monica, CA

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