JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Thanks! Re: Inherited the Project #general

Deborah Levine <deblev@...>

Wow! I wanted to post a brief thank-you here because I'm not sure how long it
will take me to thank everyone individually who gave me such thoughtful and
helpful advice. Knowing my father, I am expecting to find an underlying
organizational system, so I shall ship the boxes when I get a chance and study
them and the computer searching for a Rosetta stone. You may not hear >from me
again for a while until we get the house settled and stuff shipped, but I expect
you *will* hear >from me again and in the meantime I'll be lurking and soaking up

To those who have asked specific questions about my family(ies) I cannot
answer them now, but I will hold your queries and address them when I can.

Deborah Levine

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