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Alexander Sharon

Dear Researchers

An amazing database is available on this Polish site.
This is an excellent source for city of Warsaw researchers:

Data was compiled by Warsaw Police department in 1854.

For the researchers that possess a little Polish knowledge,
please use this little guide:

1. Search by person surname

If you are serching by the person surname, please use row of the
alphabetically arranged row of letters on the top of the page.

For example, if you are searching for surname Rozenbaum, click on "R".
Rozenbaum is listed under the sequential # 700 and it displays 12 people
by name Rozenbaum.
Now click on Rozenbaum - page now displays details of twelve Rozenbaums.

It provides the following data:
Rozenbaum first name, occupation, Warsaw city police district #,
street name and house number, type of the house
(eg. "K"- kamienica for the brick house),
and name of the house owner.

For example for Rozenbaum Dawid, the following is shown:

Rozenbaum Dawid handlarz swiec 1 Swietego Jana 30 K Lewandowski

Rozenbaum Dawid,
candle merchant,
city district #1,
30 Swietego Jana Street
K- brick house
Lewandowski- house owner
When reading Rozenbaum data, click on the street name, it will display data
on all buildings on Swietojanska street, and if you click on number "30"
it will display names of the residents of this house.

2. Search by street name

Please start at the same first page

Column at the left displays 212 Warsaw street names.
Click on the street name, by clicking on the house #,
it will display house owner on the top of the page,
and the names of house residents.

Please note that houses do not display street numbers.
Houses were numbered and registered sequentially,
without the relation to the street.

Good hunting,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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