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Martin Fischer

I have posted to Viewmate two images containing letters in Romanian that I
would very much like to have translated into English.

They include a very short note in dark ink in Romanian, apparently >from Misu
LANDMANN of Bucharest; a two-page letter in lighter ink in Romanian >from
Misu's wife, Betusca (uncertain spelling) Landmann, probably to her
brother-in-law Joseph LANDMAN of Kansas City, Missouri; and a nearly
two-page letter in English >from Betusca, probably to her sister-in-law
Rebecca Landman. (The English letter is included for context only.)

This description may be a bit confusing, but when you see the images, it
will become obvious that the writers conserved paper by including multiple
letters on both sides of one folded sheet of stationery.

The note >from Misu includes the years 1905 and 1907, although because I
don't know Romanian, I don't know if one of these is the year the letters
were written. If my understanding of who the correspondents were is correct,
then they had to be written prior to 1914, when Joseph Landman died.

Please take a look at the images at:

Thank you again, everyone who has help me with these translations.

Martin Fischer
Oak Park, Illinois, USA

The Fischer and Levin family history Web site is at:

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