JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: LDS films of German non-Aryan Census 1939 #general

Evelyn Waldstein

Jonathan Wreschner asked how to get information on people listed at the
non-Arian Census 1939 of Jews living in Germany, a data base which includes
all household members with place and date of birth.

This very rich database exists at the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum
and is accessible at the archive section of this place. The information
exists there on microfilm which has to be explored by the researcher himself
or as computerized data base somebody of the staff may look up for you.

I used it with great success during my visit to Washington looking for my
mothers relatives WASBUTZKY, BRAUDE, living in Germany at this time. I was
amazed to find out that many relatives I expected to find in East Prussia
(Tilsit, Koenigsberg, Breslau, Eydtkuhnen etc) have already moved to Berlin
and other places in Germany proper. In addition to the address in 1939 it
also gives the maiden names of married women and the "extent" of Jewishnes.

If you have somebody living in Washington this person can do for you a look
by asking for a specific name. For common names the knowledge of the place
is certainly helpful. A second possibility is to get directly in touch with
the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum Archives and ask to send you the
specific information you are interested in.

How to get in touch with the archives I can only offer the E-mail of the
Survivors Registry Section registry@... or their phone 202-488.6130 or
Fax 202.314.7820 you may use to ask how to get directly in touch with the

In hope it may help you and other genners,
yours Evelyn Waldstein.

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