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Sheree Roth:
As a counter to this practice [LDS baptism of the dead], I suggest that we
all now take the time to add our family trees - no matter how large, no
matter how small, to JewishGen's Family Tree of the Jewish People.
While I'm all in favor of using the Family Tree of the Jewish People, I
don't see how it solves the problem. Just because someone is on a family tree
that has been added to this list, does not mean they are Jewish. Many of us
have non-Jewish relatives in our family trees. I also don't understand the
I mean, if you see a "baptism" date years (or decades or centuries)
after the person is dead, it is pretty clear what happened! And if you
don't see a date (or source) then you'd be rightfully suspecious.

Part of my problem in understanding this issue, is that I've never seen
a genealogical record where a Jew was "baptized" after death. What data
is included in the "baptism" record? Could someone post a GEDCOM
or HTML output that shows one, so people could see it? Then it would
be obvious how confusing it is.

Joshua Levy
Looking for LEVY in San Jose, CA, USA pre 1855 and
SZLACHTER in Golub-Dobyzn, Poland pre 1920

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