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Martha McDonald <marthamcdonald@...>

Can someone tell me the reason the name LYAUFER / LAUFER sometimes appears
as a given name and sometimes as a sur name?

1879 Marriage Registration lists groom as Lyaufer KHAIM / Laufer HAIM
(Russian / Latin transliteration) but his father as Shimon LYAUFER / Szymon
LAUFER (Russian/Latin transliteration). The bride's names and her father's
names are not reversed.

1885 Birth Registration gives the father as Lyaufer KHAIM / Laufer HAIM
(Russian / Latin transliteration) and the child as Mashak Izyk / Maszah Izyk
(Russian/Latin transliteration).
The mother's names are in the same order as on the Marriage Registration

Both records were registered in Lodz, Poland in the Russian language.

1907 Immigration records give Mashak Izyk/Maszah Izyk as Morris LAUFER

In researching, do I look for both as surnames?

Thanks for assistance,

Martha Laufer McDonald
Dallas, TX USA

Shimon LYAUFER / LAUFER of Lenchits and Lodz, Poland
Mariem born GOLDSHTAIN / GOLDSZTAINS of Lenchits and Lodz, Poland
Trona and Mikhal SACHACZEWSKA / SAKHACHEVSKAYA of Lodz, Poland
Minka Resna born TSALE / CALES of Lodz, Poland

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