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Benzy Shani <bzs@...>

Sorry, folks. This post should have read:

The earliest known record of this name is in Krasnoye at the turn of the
(20th) century -- my GGGF Chayim Leib Shelnitz and his siblings.
All current Shelnitzes (that are known to us) are descendants of either
Chayim Leib or of Aizik Shelnitz who was - as best we know - Chayim Leib's
first cousin.
And there really aren't many; my father (who emigrated to Israel in 1969)
has a few first cousins in the US (and I second cousins), and that's it.
My brothers and I haven't done much for perpetuating the name as we have
changed our name to the more Hebrew-sounding Shani.

All the Best,
Benzy Shani

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